555 Frayed


5:55 pm

When she landed onto my chest

I stared.

Her beautiful blue coloring and frayed wings.

She rested.

I whispered to her

“You and I, we are a lot alike. My wings are frayed too”

and I stared some more.

She took flight

and I felt a piece of me go with her.

::Most of all be love::

555 Yes.


5:55 pm

A yes to waking up and just doing it. A yes to a cold glass of water. A yes to text messages that say Good Morning, I love you.

A yes to leaving work an hour early. A yes to mothers and grandmothers. A yes to a birth that happened today.. years ago.

A yes to crab legs for dinner just because. A yes to friends, A yes to being there for them, a yes for mourning for a human well loved.

A yes to holding hands and hugs. A yes to familiar and differences. A yes to fear and facing it. A yes to pain, heartbreak, and tears.

A yes to a church filled with love and hearing them laugh if only for moments as memories and golden threads of sunlight pass through us.

A yes to all that is gold.

::Yes to love::